Backyard Rink Calculator

Whether you are looking to create a backyard rink for the first time or want to add to your existing rink, use the calculator below to help determine the quantity of the most common items required for your rink.  You can then order these items from our store or speak with a rink specialist for assistance on which of our rink packages would be best for you.

Please enter the length and width of your desired rink size in feet (4 foot increments).

Prices does not include taxes, or shipping.

Please visit our online store to find other items you may consider for your backyard rink, such as: Under Ice Lights, Underwater Adhesive, Patch Tape, Rink Resurfacer, Rubber Mats, and more...

Disclaimer: The results from this calculator are approximate only and should be used for budgetary purposes only. Call or  Book a Consultation with a Rink Specialist who can guide you through the process to make your dream Backyard Rink a reality.

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