Residential Backyard Courts

Total Sport Solutions brings family and friends together through sports. We know that every family has their own unique routines and passions. That’s why we get to know our clients’ lifestyles so that we can recommend the best possible solution for your family.

What’s important to you? Shooting hoops with the kids? Challenging friends to a tennis match? Ball-hockey tournaments on the weekend? Our qualified team will create a unique game plan based on your wants, needs and budget.

When it comes to courts, we know that one surface does not fit all. We’re proud to be the Canadian distributor for SnapSports®, the leader in premier athletic flooring. SnapSports® offers more courts outdoor modular surfaces options than any other company!

With the intensity of Canada’s changing seasons, durable and long-lasting materials are essential. All of our options are professional grade, professionally installed and have been tested and carefully selected for safety and performance. Our courts deliver unmatched all-weather traction so that you can make the most out of your space year-round.

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Backyard basketball Court, Mississauga

Basketball Courts

There is no “official half court” dimensions. Ultimately the size of your court will depend on the space you have available and your budget. We have installed courts ranging from 16’ x 20’ right up to a full size, 50’ x 80’ backyard court.
We are not the cheapest option but we are the best. The families that chose Total Sport Solutions do so because they want the industries top rated SAFE Play & Performance backyard court and a court that will last.

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Pickleball Courts

If you do not know what Pickleball is, you will very soon. Pickleball, named after a dog named ‘Pickles’ is the fastest growing sport in Canada! It has been described as a cross between tennis and table tennis but unlike tennis, it is easy to learn and play. Pickleball truly will get the family (multiple generations) outside playing together. Our exclusive, patent pending PickleGrip™ surface will make playing Pickleball in your backyard easier on the joints and tons of fun for the entire family.

Picklegrip Surface.

Residential, Backyard, Pickleball court
Residential, Backyard, Multi-Game court, pickleball and basketball

Multi-Game Courts

Does your family play many sports? Basketball, pickleball, volleyball, badminton, hockey? Whatever your family plays, we can create a “multi-game court” to accommodate everyone’s favourite. We can prepare the game plan to turn your big dreams into reality.

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Volleyball Courts

Play a friendly game of volleyball with neighbours or host a professional or amateur tournament. Our top rated shock absorption surfaces provide a safe surface so everyone can play harder, longer.

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Famlity playing Volleyball in their backyard court
Keep Your Court in Top Shape with our Annual Inspection Program

Court Maintenance

Our annual maintenance program includes; inspecting the court to ensure that there are no factors that may affect playability, hinder performance, or cause potential injury. We also will check, tighten and grease any and all components related to your court to ensure proper functionality. Contact us for full details.

At Total Sport Solutions, our expert team goes beyond the build to find the solution that’s right for you. From consultation and design, to build, and final installation, we prepare the game plan to turn your big dreams into reality.
Let’s discuss the possibilities! Call  1 (866) 718-9178 today!

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