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Crafting Your Ultimate Backyard Court: An Expert Guide

Published on: 2/21/2024 16:08

Transform your backyard into a sports haven with Total Sport Solutions! Our expert guide covers everything from dimensions to court design, ensuring a space that exceeds expectations. By partnering with us, all angles are considered, sparing you headaches.
Together, we'll create the wow factor in your backyard court!

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Diversifying Curling Rinks: A Game-Changer for Clubs and Enthusiasts

Published on: 2/1/2024 13:50

Total Sport Solution's 2023 survey reveals a groundbreaking shift for Canada's curling clubs. With an 84% interest in year-round activities, clubs are poised to become vibrant hubs beyond the winter season. Pickleball, alongside badminton and volleyball, stands out as a top choice, resonating with the social nature of curling. This transformation into multi-purpose venues promises to revitalize traditional community centrers, offering economic sustainability and fostering year-round engagement in sports like pickleball

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Snow-Ready Backyard Rinks: Total Sport Solutions' Proven Strategies

Published on: 1/12/2024 14:31

Prepare for snow in Southern Ontario with Total Sport Solutions' expertise in maintaining backyard rinks. Our blog post delves into strategies for handling 'preslushification' and ensuring a skate-ready rink, regardless of snow conditions. We cover methods for managing slush on thin ice and effective snow removal on thicker rinks. Plus, we offer tips on preventing slush formation, like drilling strategic holes in the ice, for a smoother skating experience post-freeze. Join us in mastering the art of backyard rink maintenance during the snowy season

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Total Sport Solutions Scores Big in Supporting Youth Through 'Elite Camps Care'

Published on: 12/21/2023 15:00

Celebrating National Basketball Day! Total Sport Solutions is thrilled to announce our collaboration with Elite Camps Care, empowering 10 kids to attend summer basketball camps. We're committed to fostering youth development and instilling a love for sports in our community.
Join us in making a difference! #YouthEmpowerment #CommunitySupport

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Curling and Pickleball Synergy Revealed by Total Sport Solutions Survey

Published on: 12/8/2023 16:21

Exploring the unexpected synergy between curling and pickleball, Total Sport Solutions' survey illuminates how these sports can complement and enhance each other, providing a unique off-season solution for clubs and sports enthusiasts alike.

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Support Pickleball Ontario's Growth and Win Big this Holiday Season!

Published on: 11/23/2023 15:18

Win amazing prizes and support pickleball's growth! Pickleball Ontario's 50/50 lottery is here. Early bird prizes, cash, and a Grand Prize await. Plus, your ticket sales contribute to expanding pickleball across Ontario. Join the excitement today!
#SupportPickleball #HolidayLottery

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Embracing Pickleball: A Win-Win for Curling Clubs in the Off-Season

Published on: 11/15/2023 14:49

Discover how curling clubs are innovating by integrating pickleball into their off-season activities, creating a vibrant, year-round community hub and opening new revenue streams.

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Total Sport Solutions Transforms Backyard into Dream Sports Court on 'Buying In'

Published on: 10/13/2023 09:00

Total Sport Solutions recently partnered with Scott McGillivray on 'Buying In' to turn a dream into reality. We transformed Mocha's backyard into an incredible sports court. It's not just about the game; it's about fostering togetherness, healthy living, and creating lasting memories. Mocha's court reflects his passion and versatility. If you're considering your own sports court, let us make your vision a reality. Watch our collaboration on 'Buying In with Scott McGillivray' to see how we can create the perfect outdoor space for you.

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Celebrating a Milestone in Canadian Pickleball: Toronto United Pickleball Club Triumphs

Published on: 10/3/2023 08:49

Toronto United Pickleball Club's historic win in the Canadian National Pickleball League is a testament to dedication and passion. As proud sponsors, TSS Pickleball celebrates their journey from a challenging start to becoming champions. With pickleball on the rise across North America, we look forward to its central place in Canadian sports. Total Sport Solutions proudly supports professional pickleball, paving the way for others. Congratulations to Ricky Liorti and George Boutsalis for their integral roles. Cheers to more triumphant seasons and pickleball's growth in Canada.

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Juncker’s: Elevating the Game at FIBA World Cup 2023 and Beyond

Published on: 9/21/2023 19:38

Junckers, a global leader in sports flooring solutions, showcased its excellence at the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023. Their Pro Complete 44 sports floor system, featured at dynamic venues in the Philippines, Japan, and Indonesia, set new standards with remarkable shock absorption and optimal performance. Frank Leenders, FIBA Media and Marketing Services Director General, praised Junckers' courts for their quality and player-centric design. CEO Lars Gjodsbol expressed pride in Junckers' role as a premium wooden floor supplier. The partnership with FIBA thrives, with Junckers eagerly anticipating its involvement in the upcoming Olympic Basketball Tournaments in 2024.

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