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Make the Most of Your Backyard Rink with the Right Accessories

Published on: 10/15/2019 06:00

It is getting closer to that time of year where Canadians across the country lace up their skates and head outside to the ice. Nothing beats stepping on the frozen water and listening to the sound of your blades scuffing the frozen surface. That is, unless you can do it in your backyard.

Install your backyard rink with help from the professionals at Total Sport Solutions. We strive to ensure that everything is built safely and quickly. We also have many accessories ready for you, including brackets, boards, resurfacers, liners, and rink packages. Ready to get on the ice in as little as two hours? We can make it happen.

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Summer’s Over – Time to Put Up the Backyard Rink!

Published on: 9/30/2019 16:19

Before tennis and basketball started winning Canadian’s hearts, there was ice hockey. That national pastime in which two teams battle it out on ice to shoot a rubber puck into a net. What is more satisfying than lacing up skates and hitting the ice? Why, it's having a rink right in your backyard during the hockey season for all of your family and friends to enjoy, of course!

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Total Sport Solutions Celebrates Canadian Tennis Star Bianca Andreescu’s Victory

Published on: 9/10/2019 00:00

What does it take to beat Serena Williams for the Grand Slam title? Dedication, hard work, and a Canadian powerhouse named Bianca Andreescu. Born to Romanian parents, Bianca has made tennis history as the first Canadian and the first player born in the 2000s to win a Grand Slam singles title. For the first time in her career, she entered the top 10 rankings among worthy players. It’s impressive to imagine the hours of practice and training she has completed since she began playing the sport at the age of seven. She is set to be an inspiration for young athletes across Canada and the world.

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Questions You Should Ask Before Replacing Your Indoor Sport Flooring

Published on: 8/30/2019 06:00

Installing new flooring is a significant investment. For many schools, places of worship, or fitness centres, the range of available options is much bigger than the budget. Dreams of customized exotic hardwood that would rival an NBA court fade away when the reality of overall costs comes into the picture. Of course, when you are shopping for new indoor sport flooring, you want to get the highest quality and longest lasting product your organization can afford.

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Looking for New Indoor Sport Flooring?

Published on: 8/15/2019 00:00

Are you looking for an indoor floor for your school gymnasium? Does your church hall or community recreation centre need new flooring The options are practically endless, such as rubber, hardwood, carpet, and poured polyurethane. Of course, you want a solution with high value, low maintenance, and one that is easy on the budget. That is where Pad and Pour Floors come in.

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Don’t Settle for Dull, Boring

Published on: 7/30/2019 14:29

“Everything goes with black”. At least, this adage is touted in the fashion world. Of course, your little black dress or your favourite tuxedo may look great at a dinner party, but most of us still accessorize with some colour. The same holds true with your rubber flooring. Working out or trudging through the tunnel to the ice rink on plain black flooring can be boring. Why not spruce up your home gym, commercial gym, workout room, ice rink, or ski resort with a durable product that is beautiful and unique?

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Enhance Your Multi-Purpose Room with Rubber Flooring by Nature’s Collection

Published on: 7/15/2019 06:00

Floors in multi-purpose rooms can take a lot of wear and tear. Between students bouncing balls in gym class to parishioners sitting through a worship service, the flooring needs to be tough enough to withstand the traffic. 

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What Does a Pickle, a Holey Ball, and a Multigame Court Have in Common?

Published on: 6/30/2019 06:00

Why Pickleball, Of Course!

When it comes to summer fun, many of us like to head outdoors for some sort of activity like hiking, tennis, or bike riding. We often associate pickles with burgers and holey balls with whiffle ball, not an extremely popular game that kids of all ages can play. So, if you are ready for a new adventure that even your grandpa can participate in, pickleball can be the answer.

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Go Raptors!

Published on: 6/15/2019 00:00

Suffering from Raptormania?

Outdoor Basketball Courts Keep the Good Times Rolling

Canada’s love for basketball has grown in line with the Raptor’s success in the 2018-2019 NBA season. Millions of Canadian whooped, hollered, and wept with joy as the team won the NBA Championship title on June 13, 2019 against the Golden State Warriors – the first in the franchise’s history. 

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Update Your School or Church with Nature’s Collection Rubber Flooring by Dinoflex

Published on: 5/30/2019 07:00

In Canada’s extreme winters, some exterior surfacing does better than others. Whether you are building a new high-performance green landscape area or rejuvenating an old patio, you need a proven product.

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