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Crafting Your Ultimate Backyard Court: An Expert Guide

Published on: 2/21/2024 16:08

Transform your backyard into a sports haven with Total Sport Solutions! Our expert guide covers everything from dimensions to court design, ensuring a space that exceeds expectations. By partnering with us, all angles are considered, sparing you headaches.
Together, we'll create the wow factor in your backyard court!

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Snow-Ready Backyard Rinks: Total Sport Solutions' Proven Strategies

Published on: 1/12/2024 14:31

Prepare for snow in Southern Ontario with Total Sport Solutions' expertise in maintaining backyard rinks. Our blog post delves into strategies for handling 'preslushification' and ensuring a skate-ready rink, regardless of snow conditions. We cover methods for managing slush on thin ice and effective snow removal on thicker rinks. Plus, we offer tips on preventing slush formation, like drilling strategic holes in the ice, for a smoother skating experience post-freeze. Join us in mastering the art of backyard rink maintenance during the snowy season

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Total Sport Solutions Scores Big in Supporting Youth Through 'Elite Camps Care'

Published on: 12/21/2023 15:00

Celebrating National Basketball Day! Total Sport Solutions is thrilled to announce our collaboration with Elite Camps Care, empowering 10 kids to attend summer basketball camps. We're committed to fostering youth development and instilling a love for sports in our community.
Join us in making a difference! #YouthEmpowerment #CommunitySupport

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Total Sport Solutions Transforms Backyard into Dream Sports Court on 'Buying In'

Published on: 10/13/2023 09:00

Total Sport Solutions recently partnered with Scott McGillivray on 'Buying In' to turn a dream into reality. We transformed Mocha's backyard into an incredible sports court. It's not just about the game; it's about fostering togetherness, healthy living, and creating lasting memories. Mocha's court reflects his passion and versatility. If you're considering your own sports court, let us make your vision a reality. Watch our collaboration on 'Buying In with Scott McGillivray' to see how we can create the perfect outdoor space for you.

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On Point Basketball and Total Sport Solutions Inc announce sponsorship/partnership

Published on: 9/12/2022 11:00

(Toronto, On) On Point Basketball is proud to announce a sponsorship/partnership with Oakville-based sports floor specialists Total Sport Solutions Inc (TSS). The collaboration will see On Point basketball assist in marketing and sales initiatives for Total Sport Solutions. This includes posting original social media content as well as producing basketball events to help build awareness within the basketball community and beyond about one of the fastest growing sports flooring companies in the province, Total Sport Solutions.

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Tips for Building Your Backyard Ice Rink

Published on: 10/31/2021 15:37


  • Measure the area where you want your rink.  If using our Thermoplastic Boards you will want to keep the length and width of your court divisible by 4 as each board is 4’ long.
  • Measure the slope.  Many backyards look flat but in fact can have a significant slope when it comes to creating an ice rink.  A string line with a string level will allow you to check the slope of your backyard.  Call us if you need guidance on how to do this.
  • Access to water.  When choosing the location of your rink, make sure it’s near an easily accessible water source. This will make it much easier when it's time to flood and resurface your rink.  When you're done resurfacing you'll need to bring your hose back inside so it doesn't freeze solid. When the hose is brought inside, it will have some water left in it. If you have a hose reel, most of the water will be dispersed while winding it up. If not, do your best to drain the hose before bringing it inside and have a large bucket or garbage can to set the hose in for the water that may still drain out can be nicely contained within your container leaving no mess.
  • Before the frost.  If your rink is going on grass, as most rinks are, you need to plan ahead and have the brackets installed BEFORE the frost sets in.  Installing the brackets and boards should take place well in advance of the cold weather arriving.

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Get Your Backyard Ready for Winter!

Published on: 9/3/2021 14:12

Wow, September already!  Another summer almost over and soon we will be looking for outdoor winter activities to keep our families active, engaged and healthy.  Have you ever thought about putting up a backyard rink for the winter?
A backyard rink can keep the kids active, entertained and outside for hours.  Total Sport Solutions is your local dealer for NiceRink, the #1 backyard rink company!  We have all you need for a basic rink right up to creating the ultimate backyard rink!  If you can dream it, we can make it happen. 

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Benefits of Team Sports for Children

Published on: 7/30/2021 16:12

Teaching children about collaboration and team work at a young age is extremely important. And team sports are a great way to keep kids active and entertained, develop important skills that will help them in their futures and build character. Sports like basketball, soccer, and hockey provide children with a community of friends and peers that offer a support system outside of their homes or school. Below we’ve listed some benefits of team sports!

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Keep Your Court in Top Shape with our Annual Inspection Program

Published on: 6/25/2021 10:00

Our annual inspection program is designed to make sure your backyard court and the components are functioning safely and operating optimally for your ongoing family fun! Recommend that we come out once per year to inspect and adjust your court and equipment

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Help Your Kids to Do Better in Life

Published on: 10/23/2020 06:00

Encourage them to be Active in Sports

We all have high hopes for our children. Our goal is that they will grow into well-rounded adults. We make sacrifices and provide them with the best opportunities possible. Sometimes, we are stuck in a fight for their attention because of television, video games, and other sedentary activities. Win the battle and make active fitness a priority.

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