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Prepare to tackle the snow season head-on, Southern Ontario! As the flakes start to fall, Total Sport Solutions, based in Oakville, Ontario, is geared up to ensure your backyard rinks stay in top shape. In this blog post, we'll dive into the practical strategies Total Sport Solutions employs to navigate through the preslushification challenge and keep your backyard rink ready for action.

When the winter hits and ice rinks aren't fully frozen, Total Sport Solutions is your expert guide. Whether you're dealing with slushy snow on an unfrozen or thinly iced rink or facing the aftermath of a substantial snowstorm, our seasoned team provides comprehensive solutions.

Slushy Snow on a Thawing or Thinly Iced Rink: There's Still Hope!

The optimal approach is to let nature take its course. If your recently filled rink has frozen with 6 inches of ice or less and a substantial snowstorm hits, the snow's weight will push the ice downward. This action forces the underlying water to rise between the liner and the ice, transforming the snow into slush on the skating surface.

If The Ice Is Too Thin For You To Access and Clear Off Safely, There's Nothing You Can Do.

In the ideal scenario, the weight of the snow should push the ice down sufficiently, causing water to rise and turn all the snow into slush. Let the slush freeze, and if the surface is smooth enough, you can skate on it or resurface it a few times to restore its smoothness. If the snow falls on already thick ice (5 inches or more) and the slush is only at the edges, then it's time to clean it off. Enlist the help of friends to ensure a thorough cleaning process. Once you begin removing slush from the rink, it's crucial not to stop until all of it is cleared, leaving the surface smooth. Any leftover slush or stopping midway will freeze overnight, leaving unwanted marks on the ice. After cleaning, let the surface harden, and use a resurfacer as needed to restore it to a glass-like finish.

Kid safely enjoying winter at his home's backyard rink

You May Be Curious About How To Avoid Slush Altogether.

Total Sport Solutions serves as your expert guide, offering comprehensive solutions devised by our seasoned team to address the common challenges many of our clients face. For example, before the snowfall, when you anticipate thin ice conditions, take a proactive approach by drilling 1/2" or larger holes in the ice every 6 feet on center. This strategic method ensures that when the snow arrives, the ice will sink down. The drilled holes play a crucial role in promoting a more even slushification of the snow, extending beyond just the edges. This prepared surface can then freeze, providing a smoother and more skateable outcome. We hope this proactive measure proves helpful for those navigating through a snowstorm or two.