Residential Indoor Flooring

Trust our professionals to help you design the best solution for your indoor space and needs. Our high-quality options include hardwood, modular, vinyl, rubber, and more. For a closer look at our indoor flooring, visit our products pages or call one of our experts at 1 (866) 718-9178.

Indoor basketball court

Basketball Rooms

Having installed flooring for many commercial basketball facilitates, we know flooring for basketball.  We offer a variety of options appropriate for a residential setting to meet your needs, dreams and budget, including FIBA approved floors.

At Total Sport Solutions, our expert team works with you on all aspects of your project to find the solution that’s right for you. From consultation and design, through installation, we prepare a game plan to remove the stress and see your dreams come true.

Hockey Rooms

Your search for the ultimate home arena ends here. At TSS, we don’t just build rooms; we craft dreams. We stand ready to turn your vision into a masterpiece to show off to friends and family.

Our TSS experts will consult, design, and build the perfect solution tailored for you and your family. Kwik Rink synthetic ice — ideal for skating, stickhandling, shooting, and passing. Or opt for our Dryland Hockey floor — great for improving stickhandling, shooting, and passing skills. Our custom hockey boards seamlessly convert your basement into a dynamic space that inspires both rigorous training and memorable fun with family and friends.

Residential Hockey Court
Fitness weights and machine workout room

Workout Room Floors

Having an inviting home gym can completely change your relationship to fitness, making you actually want to ‘go to’ the gym.  And flooring is key from both a performance and an aesthetic point of view.  Your floor has to look great and make your workout more comfortable.

Through our Canadian manufacturer, Dinoflex, we offer far more than just the institutional black rubber with colour fleck.  If you are looking for rubber flooring with some colour, flooring that will compliment your décor and your personality and at least not make you dread going to do your work out, let one of our flooring experts discuss the possibilities with you.  And yes, our flooring is odorless.

Squash Court

There is no question, the floor in a squash court has to be top notch. Hardwood for a basketball court does not make a good floor for squash.

A squash court floor must have a high level of ”grip”. Our Junckers prefinished hardwood floorboards have a slightly roughened surface, which provides the right level of friction whether the surface is wet or dry, and so keeps risk of injury to an absolute minimum. While the surface of the squash floor is important, what is also vital to a squash floor is what goes underneath. The undercarriage system has a direct bearing on the performance of the floor.

Our Junckers hardwood squash floor complies with EN 14904 cat A3 or A4, as well as the technical requirements of World Squash Federation.

Junckers hardwood court flooring
Residential Yoga Pilates Studio

Yoga-Pilate-Dance Floors

Often in a home setting these rooms are truly multi-purpose and that is okay, we will learn what your needs are and provide the appropriate solution to meet your needs.

There are many factors that will determine what is the best floor for you, including they type of dance, the available space, what other activities are taking place in the room and of course, your budget.  In the end, the right high-quality flooring transforms just another room into a fantastic dance, yoga, or multi-purpose space

At Total Sport Solutions discuss your needs, walk you through the option to take your dream to reality completely stress-free!

Garage Floors

Say goodbye to flaking paint, unsightly cracks and epoxy problems with RaceDeck® Garage flooring. RaceDeck® is easy to install, easy to maintain, and is backed by a 15-year manufacturer warranty!

RaceDeck® is the industry leader in garage flooring, with more modular garage floors manufactured, sold and installed than all of our competitors combined.

If you want the coolest garage on the block, our RaceDeck® modular floor tiles are ideal for the car enthusiast, man cave or show garage. We even have special options for the Harley-Davidson® enthusiast! These tiles are great because they can be installed in less than a day and removed just as easily. Most importantly, they are moisture and slip resistant, quick and easy to repair and will look great for years to come.

High end garage flooring

At Total Sport Solutions, our expert team goes beyond the build to find the solution that’s right for you. From consultation and design, to build, and  final installation, we prepare the game plan to turn your big dreams into reality.

Let’s discuss the possibilities! Call 1 (866) 718-9178 today!

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