Backyard hockey in Oakville, ON

Wow, September already!  Another summer almost over and soon we will be looking for outdoor winter activities to keep our families active, engaged and healthy.  Have you ever thought about putting up a backyard rink for the winter?

A backyard rink can keep the kids active, entertained and outside for hours.  Total Sport Solutions is your local dealer for NiceRink, the #1 backyard rink company!  We have all you need for a basic rink right up to creating the ultimate backyard rink!  If you can dream it, we can make it happen. 

For most families all you need is a rink liner and some boards.  The size of your rink can be determined by the space you have, the age and number of people who will be using it and the purpose and experience of the users.  A couple of 5-year old’s learning to skate do not need as much space as a teenagers looking to practice their hockey skills.  If space is not a restriction, we can help you determine the size that may be appropriate.

Of course, a level backyard (or close to level) is important, however, even if there is a small slope, we have ways to still make your backyard rink a success!  If you have one of our backyard courts, we can create a fantastic rink directly on top of your court.  There are a couple of advantages to this.  One, your court is pretty much flat and level, so no slope to deal with and two, with the liner on top of the court tiles there is an air gap under the ice which will actually help the ice freeze faster on those cold nights.

I realize winter seems like it is far off and truly, we do not want to be thinking about it, however, if you want a backyard rink, NOW is the time to be planning for it.  Last year saw unprecedented demand for backyard rinks and we sold out very quickly.  As well, some components need to be installed before the ground freezes.  If you are thinking about a backyard rink, NOW is the time to be speaking with us. You should have your order in by the end of September to avoid disappointment.

If you are considering a backyard rink on top of your court or on your grass, please email or call ASAP to speak with one of our specialists who will be happy to assist you.

Backyard hockey in Tillsonburg, ON