Guys playing Pickleball on the Backyard Multi Court

Embarking on the journey to create your dream backyard court is a thrilling adventure that requires meticulous planning. At Total Sport Solutions, we recognize the significance of designing a space that caters to your family's needs for now and for years to come. This guide is to help you begin the process and to consider the essential factors to ensure your backyard court not only meets but exceeds your expectations:

1. Dimensions:

Depending on your needs and space, a backyard court can be as small as 20' x 24' up to a full-size basketball or tennis court.  Begin by evaluating the available space in your backyard. Consider the layout and decide whether it accommodates a full-court (tennis or basketball), a multi-game court, a pickleball court, or a half-court for basketball.  Align the court size with the overall aesthetic and functionality of your backyard.

2. Foundation and Drainage:

The foundation is the backbone of your court.  With few acceptions, all courts need to go on a hard surface such as concrete or asphalt.  Concrete typically is the best solution for residential backyard courts.  Ensuring proper drainage and slope on and around the court to maintain a safe playing surface is also important.

3. Sports:

What are the sports your family enjoys the most?  Tailor the design to accommodate the specific game requirements, be it basketball, hockey, tennis, pickleball, or a multi-sport layout.  Review game line dimensions and if necessary, adjust the size of your court accordingly.  Not all game lines need regulation dimensions. 

Full size multi-court: Basketball, Pickleball, Hockey. Vanessa, Ontario

4. Court Orientation:

Take into account the sun's movement and how it will affect play.  Full courts such as tennis, basketball, or pickleball are best played in a north-south direction to avoid the sun being directly in one player's eyes.  Proper court orientation minimizes glare and optimizes natural light, ensuring comfortable playing conditions throughout the day.

5. Court Design:

Delve into the aesthetic aspects of court design, including colour schemes, logos, and multi-game possibilities. Personalize the court to reflect your family’s style, creating a visually appealing sports environment.

6. Court Surface:

There are many surface options to choose from.  For most recreational backyard courts, a tile surface works very well and requires the least amount of maintenance.  Within the tile category, there are different options to choose from.  You can also consider an acrylic surface or a cushioned acrylic surface.  For aspiring athletes or those seeking professional-level performance, choose surfaces approved by associations like FIBA or USA Pickleball. These surfaces offer superior impact absorption, grip, and overall safety for players.

7. Fencing and Access:

Assess the need for fencing around the court to enhance safety, particularly for fast-paced games. Proper fencing also prevents balls from going astray. Consider access points for players and spectators to ensure a seamless experience.

Half size multi-court: Basketball, Pickleball, Soccer. Ancaster, Ontario

8. Accessories:

Carefully select high-quality accessories like basketball goals, hockey goals, and tennis or pickleball nets. These elements contribute to the overall functionality and enjoyment of the court. Think about where they’ll be stored when the court is not in use.

9. Maintenance:

Depending on the surface, you may need to plan for regular maintenance to preserve the court’s condition over time. Some surfaces, such as traditional tennis or pickleball courts will require resurfacing to address wear and tear.  Whereas other surfaces, such as modular court tiles are virtually maintenance-free.  Just the game lines may need to be repainted over time. 

10. Contractor Selection and DIY Considerations:

Opt for an experienced contractor with a proven track record and satisfied customers. A professional contractor will analyze your project, propose innovative ideas, offer advice on alternatives, and handle unforeseen challenges. While DIY projects can be appealing, consulting an expert ensures a seamless and professionally executed outcome.  Not all product options are available to the DIYer.

11. Budget:

There is no set cost for a backyard court.  Depending on the size and accessories a backyard court can cost from $20,000 to over $100,000.  A good contractor will be able to design and create a court to meet your athletic and family needs as well as your budget.  Align your budget with priorities, considering factors like court size, sports you want to play, and accessories you may require or want.  This ensures your investment delivers the desired results. Talking to an expert to ensure that your budget and your vision line up is always a good idea.

12. Additional Considerations:

  • Lighting: Consider lighting options for evening play or use in the winter months, extending the court’s usability.
  • Seating: Consider adding seating for spectators to enhance the overall sports-watching and family experience.
  • Landscaping: Plan for landscaping around the court to seamlessly integrate it into your backyard’s aesthetic appeal.  Perhaps a gazebo nearby for a cool drink during a break in the action.
  • Storage: Allocate space for storage of balls, nets, and other sporting implements.

Why Trust Total Sport Solutions?

We have been helping families in Canada build their dream backyards since 2012! We have installed thousands of backyard basketball courts, multi-game courts, tennis courts, and backyard rinks, as well as indoor courts, and home gyms. Our mission is to provide a fully turnkey solution that makes building a residential backyard court a stress-free undertaking.

Total Sport Solutions is committed to transforming your dream backyard court into a reality. By working with us, all angles will be considered, and you'll avoid lots of headaches. Essentially, together you and Total Sport Solutions will create the wow factor in your backyard court!

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