Nature’s Collection series is a sustainable surface made of recycled rubber infused with cork

Children’s laughter is a beautiful sound in the halls of education. Likewise, there is nothing as enjoyable as having people chatting and enjoying each other’s company in the sanctuary of a worship center. Facilities like schools, churches, mosques, and synagogues see lots of foot traffic. After a while, the flooring can wear down and be in need of replacement. Dinoflex offers their Nature’s Collection rubber flooring to give your school or place of worship a beautiful and comfortable solution.

At Total Sport Solutions, we can help you find the perfect type and colour of rubber flooring for your facility. We offer options from top-quality flooring suppliers to provide you with what you are looking for. When you buy quality, you get years of use and enjoyment for everyone entering your doors. Nature’s Collection from Dinoflex is a perfect choice.

Cork Infused Recycled Rubber Offers a Unique Look for Your Facility

With all the traffic your building experiences, you need a product with superb performance. You will find that in the Nature’s Collection. Here are a few advantages of choosing recycled rubber that incorporates cork:

  1. Increased Insulating Properties: Cork does not conduct heat, noise, or vibration; therefore, it works well to keep the heat in your building and the noise down.
  2. Produced with Renewable Resources: Money may not grow on trees, but cork does. It comes from the cork oak (Quercus suber). These sustainably harvested trees grow in countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea.
  3. Naturally Resistant to Mould and Mildew: Because of the cell walls, cork does not absorb liquids. That can be pretty handy when you have kids drinking milk or congregants sipping coffee. Remember, cork is used for wine bottles, and you never see mould there.
  4. Unique Colours: Dinoflex offers a broad palette of colours that can meet almost any space design. You can complement shades for a cohesive look or add a little splash of contrast.

Superior Features for Your Facility Using Canadian Made Dinoflex Rubber Flooring

Having a beautiful floor means nothing if it will not last. Dinoflex’s rubber flooring is geared toward durability. It is stain resistant for all those spills, and it reduces sound. Additionally, it is FloorScore certified for indoor air quality. This product offers comfort under your feet, as well. If your staff is used to standing all day, this can be a game changer.

Dinoflex FloorScore* certification ensures the compliance with the indoor quality emissions requirements. Additionally Dinoflex has te Canada Green Building Council approval.

Dinoflex environmental certifications

Choose Your School’s Recycled Rubber Floor from Total Sport Solutions, Inc.

The choice is evident when you want the best product for your school, church, mosque, or synagogue. Choose Dinoflex’s Nature’s Collection rubber flooring with help from Total Sport Solutions, Inc. We have the expertise to help you make the best decision not only on rubber floors but also sports mats, fitness tiles, or high impact flooring. Your students or worshippers will enjoy the comfort that good flooring provides underfoot.

Total Sports Solutions is your source for recycled rubber flooring in Canada. Call us today at 1-866-718-9178 and receive a free quote for your flooring installation project.