Examples of Gym Padding installed by Total Sport Solutions

With all the fun and enjoyment, safety in sports simply cannot be stressed enough. Each practice and every game leaves athletes at risk of injury. Basketball players may slam into walls while trying to smack a ball back inbounds. Wall collisions are even possible for volleyball players. By keeping your gymnasium walls covered with pads, you reduce the number of injuries sustained.

Each year, take some time to inspect the padding along the walls, columns, and stage front. When these areas look worn, replace them with quality gym padding supplied by Total Sport Solutions. We stock a variety of equipment and accessories to meet your school, church, community centre and gym needs.

4 Purposes for Gym Padding
Padding can be installed in many indoor places such as gyms, indoor tracks, and even exercise rooms. Here are the objectives and reasons to replace and keep gym padding up-to-date:

  1. Player Safety: As stated earlier, players’ safety is paramount. Padding aids in lessening the impact of running into a wall or column. Sometimes budget constraints may force facility owners and managers to reconsider the purchase of padding. Make no mistake; the safety of athletes will ensure excellent return on your investment.
  2. Give a Sense of Style: Besides safety, today’s padding offers you different possibilities to enhance the look of your gym. Most of the time, gymnasiums are boring to look at; however, this does very little to energize your crowd. For a school gym, you can choose your school colours to brighten up the area.
  3. Protect the Walls: If your area is used for combat sports training such as martial arts, protecting the walls from flying debris reduces the likelihood of significant damage.
  4. Enhance Your Branding: In today’s world, branding is everywhere. Gym padding can be customized with your school’s mascot or the logos of local businesses that support your organization.

Player Safety Deserves the Best Gym Padding from Total Sport Solutions

Make your players feel safe and enhance your brand when you upgrade with gym padding from Total Sport Solutions, Inc. Our professionals will help you find the best fit for your facility. We also carry many flooring options for your organization, including sports mats and fitness tiles. Additionally, we supply homes and commercial areas with outdoor courts. Get the most from your budget with quality gym padding from Total Sport Solutions.

Total Sport Solutions is your source for gym padding in Canada. Call us today at 1-866-718-9178 and request a free quote for your padding installation project.