Planning a remodel or a new building takes much forethought. One area to consider is the use of each room, and if it will have multiple applications. For example, will the upstairs wrestling room also house the gymnastics team? When the dance team needs to practice, will their stomping be disruptive to the basketball team planning their game strategy in the space below? Consider the noise that travels throughout the building that houses your aerobics and Pilates studio. How do you keep other tenants from complaining about the sound? These scenarios apply to the home gym as well. It’s crucial to find ways to reduce sound transfer to keep the peace.

Freedom Step from Acoustiguard

Before you pick any indoor flooring, consider who will be impacted by the heavy footsteps or other loud activities. Then, come talk to us at Total Sports Solutions and ask about ways to reduce noise from your studio, exercise room, or even your condo. We offer many solutions to keep your neighbours and other groups happy while you enjoy your space.

3 Benefits of using noise-reducing Floors

Many manufacturers offer flooring to reduce noise, but Freedom Step from Acoustiguard shines through. At Total Sport Solutions, we work with industry leading suppliers who back up their products. Consider these three benefits of Freedom Step:

  • Wide Range of Applications: You can use these subfloor panels to absorb impact and sound transfer many capacities like:
    • Weight rooms where free weights are often dropped
    • Treadmill noise in your health club
    • Dance studios, martial arts, and aerobics classes that have continuous heavy pounding from participants
  • Easy to Install: These panels do not need specialized training or tools to install correctly. They are made with tongue and grooves to quickly snap together with a hammer and a spare wood piece. Install in a brick pattern and enjoy greater stability.
  • Highest Acoustic Isolation: When it comes to floating floors, Freedom Step is at the top. They are manufactured with diamond-shaped isolators for compressibility and absorption of noise.

Keep the Peace with Noiseless Flooring from Total Sport Solutions

Ensure those in surrounding rooms can conduct their business in quiet when you install noise reduction subflooring from Total Sport Solutions, Inc. Our experts will work with you to find the best indoor flooring for your application. We supply schools, gyms, sports arenas, community centres, and other places with many options for their flooring needs, including sports mats, fitness tiles, and outdoor courts.

Total Sport Solutions is your source for indoor sports flooring in Canada. Call us today at 1-866-718-9178 and request a free quote for your gym or studio flooring project.