TSS Pickleball engaged over 200 Canadian curling clubs, Curling Alberta, and Curling Ontario in this first-ever research project

In a recent survey conducted by TSS Pickleball, a division of Total Sport Solutions Inc., results showed an exciting demand amongst curlers for off-season activities like pickleball in their local curling rinks. . This finding opens new avenues for both sports enthusiasts and club owners and managers, unlocking opportunities for engaging in off-season activities in curling rinks.

Survey Highlights

TSS Pickleball engaged over 200 Canadian curling clubs, alongside members of Curling Alberta and Curling Ontario, in this first-ever research project. The survey results provided a comprehensive insight into the off-season preferences of the Canadian curling community:

  • Demand for Off-Season Activities: The survey found that over 84% of respondents consider it important for curling clubs to offer additional activities during the off-season.
  • Pickleball Takes Center Stage: Among potential off-season activities, pickleball emerged as a top choice, with a resounding 43% of participants expressing a keen interest in having their clubs offer it.
  • Cross-Pollination of Sports Enthusiasts: The introduction of pickleball offers a unique opportunity for curling clubs to attract a new audience. Summer visitors drawn to pickleball could discover their interest in curling, enriching the club's culture and expanding its membership base.
  • Financial Benefits: Integrating pickleball into curling rinks provides an additional revenue stream, ensuring the club's vibrancy and growth year-round. This astute use of resources guarantees financial sustainability.

The Perfect Partnership

As a specialized Pickleball Court Contractor, TSS Pickleball stands ready to assist clubs in this transformative journey. With an array of surface options, nets, and accessories, our expert team ensures that each court is tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Their expert design advice and facility-specific enhancements elevate the pickleball experience to a new level.


The synergy between curling and pickleball, as revealed by these survey results , promises exciting possibilities for club owners and sports enthusiasts alike. This partnership not only promises to diversify club offerings but contribute to financial sustainability and a thriving year-round community.

Are you ready to explore the winning match between curling and pickleball? Contact TSS Pickleball today to learn more about how this transformative synergy can benefit your club and its members.