Ball Containment and Game Nets

Ball Containment and Game Nets

Important Note: Only available with the purchase of a court.  Not sold separately

Multi-sport nets and ball containment systems are engineered to effortlessly integrate with one another to allow for maximum and continuous use of your court during play. Easily adjust the systems for all your favorite sports, such as basketball, tennis, volleyball, badminton, hockey, soccer or paddle ball sports to name a few. Or just set your SnapBack® Rebounder for assertive individual sport training.

Total Sport Solutions can help you set up a safe area for any outdoor court with our Ball Containment system. Give us a call at 1 (866) 718-9178 and receive a free quote today.

Containment Nets and Game Nets

1. Adjustable Net System

Height adjustable MS Net System allows a quick adjust of the net height for tennis, badminton and volleyball or any other net sport you desire.  Essential for the ultimate multi-game backyard court.

2. Containment Nets

Perfect for stopping wayward balls from going into neighbours yards.  Heavy duty, galvanized and powder coated steel frame. Available in standard 5' and 10' heights.

UV resistant black nylon netting is soft on the eyes and blends perfectly with existing landscapes. Also available in custom heights.

3. Hockey Nets

Total Sports Solutions offers a variety of hockey nets to compliment your backyard court. From shallow depth goals that maximizes your space to regulation professional hockey nets.

4. Snapback Rebounder

A Patented 10 x 10 and 10 x 15 adjustable rebound systems can stand on their own or seamlessly integrate with our ball containment components.   The unique tilt feature allows you to customize the return bounce. Unlike other static rebounders, with our tilt range of 10˚ forward and backward  you can change the  direction and speed of your return ball.

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