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The problem with most gym floor covers is that they are simply vinyl sheets covering your gym floor.  Walking into the gym it still feels like a gym and that you are walking on plastic.

With CarpetDeck you will provide maximum protection for your floor and at the same time transform your gym into a meeting room or a theatre or a recital hall.  With CarpetDeck protecting your floor, your gym will no longer feel like a gymnasium. CarpetDeck is easy to install, reduces echo in the gym, adds sophistication to your room, requires less storage space when not being used AND provides the best possible protection for your floor! 

CarpetDeck is versatile and convenient to use.  If you only need to protect a small area perhaps where ladders are required, you simply bring out enough to protect your floor in that area.  If you only need to protect one quarter or one half of the floor for a small music performance, this is easily, quickly and conveniently accomplished with CarpetDeck.

CarpetDeck will protect any type of flooring:

  • Hardwood Gym Floors
  • Rolled Vinyl Gym Floors
  • Polyurethane Gym Floors
  • Pad and Pour Gym Floors

Before you hold your next graduation ceremony, concert or special event in your gymnasium, protect your investment with a gym floor cover.  Total Sports Solutions can help guide you through any sports flooring project anywhere in Canada.

It's easy to convert any space to a multipurpose venue with CarpetDeck gym floor covers. Protect your gym floor during special events, concerts, and graduations with these easily assembled attractive floor covers that will enhance your facility when not being used as a gymnasium.

CarpetDeckā„¢: Rolled(CD-R)  The same durable, attractive CarpetDeck product but in a rolled form. Our rolled CarpetDeck offers a more durable and affordable alternative to traditional rolled-vinyl gym floor protection system.

  • Carpet Deck: Rolled Features:
  • Economical and attractive gym floor protection 
  • Extremely lightweight, durable, and tear resistant
  • Quick and easy installation 
  • Easy to clean, highly stain-resistant
  • Custom logos available!
  • Made in the USA

CarpetDeck: Rolled is the perfect way to protect your valuable gym floor during events like graduations, dances, proms, or assemblies and prevent the damage caused by chairs or tables. It offers the benefits of our CarpetDeck tiles, but in a more economical, rolled format. Installation and storage is very quick and easy: cover an area of 6,000 sq.ft in just 10 minutes! The rolls are easy to install and are secured with simple Velcro strips, instead of messy, wasteful, and expensive tape!

CarpetDeck: Rolled offers a more durable, upscale alternative to traditional floor tarps that is made from 75% recycled materials and is virtually stain-proof. After the event, simply vacuum or spot-clean, then roll it up and store the rack in a closet or out of the way storage room.

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