Dasher Boards

Dasher Boards

Our Dasher Boards  are made of very durable, rotationally-molded plastic and are the perfect sport containment system for ice hockey, inline hockey, floor hockey, soccer, futsal, lacrosse, indoor football and more.  Available in two formats; “Pro-Board Court” and “Pro-Board Ice” each designed to meet the rigorous demands of court or rink sports.


  • Three anchoring options – portable, semi-permanent or permanent
  • “No-tool” connection mechanism
  • Radius corners ranging from 40″ radius up to 20 ft. radius
  • 50 connection points per 8 ft. Straight Panel for added strength
  • 34″ x 96″ advertising area
  • 8″ x 1⁄2″ bumped out kick-plate
  • Upper containment options include netting, chain-link fencing or clear acrylic
  • Fill and drain holes in Portable Bracing Panels for easy anchoring
  • 2 ft., 4 ft. and 8 ft. panels for maximum versatility
  • Stacking features on 8 ft. Straight panels for safe storage and transport
  • Multiple colors available
  • Real hockey gate hardware
  • Adjustable left- and right-swing gates Traditional 8″ step-over for gate thresholds

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