L-Kick Plates 1 ea

L-Kick Plates 1 ea

PREMIUM "L" KickPlates are made with .093 High Density UV treated poly to protect your liner. These new Premium Kickplates are 15" tall WITH a 1' lip at the top to simply hang over the board and drop down to protect the top 15" of your liner from Skates, Shovels, Sticks, etc. Designed for use in conjunction with our NiceRink Plastic Boards and BumperCaps™ without the need to put any screws into your liner. Although designed to be used with our boards and bumpers, they can also be utilized with your own board set-up or take a look at our 15" FLAT KickPlates as well.

Kick Plates can also be used with 3/4" plywood

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