NiceRink 48 Inches Tall Boy Boards

NiceRink 48 Inches Tall Boy Boards

We are excited to offer you NiceRink 48" Tall Boy rink boards! The boards measure 48" tall, 4' long, 1" thick, and weigh 29 pounds. Tall Boy boards come with their own support brackets (no need to order brackets separately). With the development of the Tall Boys that include back supports and bottom supports, rink sites can have more slope and deeper water (up to 20") or just for more hockey fun with the taller board! The Tall Boy boards act in conjunction with the NiceRink BumperCaps™. All NiceRink boards allow a swivel action at the corners so the boards can create radius type corners without the need for additional curved boards.

These boards will connect with 18" tall boards from 2009 and newer but if doing so, you will need to order the RIGHT and LEFT Transition Boards. Transition boards ordered separately.

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