NiceRink Brackets - Spikes Removed

NiceRink Brackets - Spikes Removed

NiceRink™ Spikeless Brackets for Ponds/Lakes/Courts & Hard Surfaces

Take advantage of your tennis, basketball, or other outdoor court this winter: transform it into a NiceRink™!

NiceRink™ SPIKELESS Brackets along with our Plastic Boards are easy to use on Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, Lakes, - virtually any hard surface area.

The spikes on the NiceRink™ Brackets are easily removed by us, and the Brackets can lay flat on the surface, then be staked in or sandbagged to help hold everything in place.

Our staff is always happy to answer all your questions. NiceRink™ has been creating NiceRinks since 1991.

We're ready to help! Pond Hockey is where it began! We are proud to sponsor Pond Hockey  tournaments all over North America. When we remove the spikes from our NiceRink™ Brackets - a simple modification we provide - they lay flat on the surface to support our plastic boards.

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