Rebel Plus Dr. Dish basketball shooting machine. High Reps and High Tech

  • Fully Automatic and Programmable
    • New unlimited programmable locations
  • 8” HUD Touchscreen
  • New, modern interface indicates shooting locations
  • Displays shots taken, shots made, shooting % and length of workout
  • Adjustable Net
    • Adjustable to different heights for players of all ages
    • 11’6” To 12’-1/2”
  • Upgraded Shots Made Counter (mechanical)
    • Tracks every shot made for an accurate shooting %
  • Upgraded Quick Distance Adjuster
    • Adjust with the push of a lever (free throw, 2-pt, 3-pt)
  • Build Custom Location Order Drills
    • 5-Star shooting drill (get on the move)
  • Multi-Range Programming
    • Program 2’s, 3’s and FT’s into one drill
  • Free Software WIFI Upgradeability Over Time
  • Sleek New Design
  • Officially endorsed by FIBA and AAU USA


With and 8 inches screen you can easily view your makes, takes, percentage and heart rate during workouts

8" Touchscreen

Easily view your makes, takes, percentage and heart rate during workouts. View detailed workout overviews with heat maps and drill-by-drill breakdowns immediately after your workout.

Mechanical counter

Shots Made Counter

The design of this mechanical shot counter protects you from the downfalls of traditional photo-eye counters such as "phantom makes" in outdoor settings and "missed makes" in low-light settings.

Custom Order Location Passing

Custom Order Location Passing

Don't settle for around the arc patterns only. Program drills to pass out of order, like a 5-star drill, and get away from the "catch, shoot, shuffle" mentality.

Multi-Range Programming

Multi-Range Programming

Don't waste time programming a new drill after every shooting session. Program 2s, 3s, and even fts into one drill and create a more complete heat map in the process.

Build & Save Custom Drills

Build & Save Custom Drills

The dr. Dish rebel+ includes 5 slots to save your favorite drills for quick access. Need more space? Check out the ALL-STAR+ & CT.

New & Improved Netting. Better Visibility

New & Improved Netting

Our new design includes a wider 3" weave and our black netting reduces light refraction and glare to give you increased visibility on the court.


Easy lever setup

Safe flip-mechanics makes every dr. Dish easy and simple to set-up.

Shots Made Counter

Mechanically designed for maximum (99.9%) accuracy using exclusive technology.

Easy pass distance selector

Efficient pass distance selector allows for choice from 5 pre-set distances   .

No-glare black net

Chosen specifically because black absorbs light and is easier to see through.

Lightweight & easy to store

Lighter than the competition and compact design make storage easy.

Durable frame & construction

1.5" steel tube construction for ultimate durability and lifetime value.


  • 40” L x 30” W x 70” H storage footprint, fits through a standard doorway
  • Just 275 lbs with locking wheels
  • Adjustable net heights for players of all ages, 11’6” to 12’-1/2”
  • 1.5” Steel tube construction for durability


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