Rolled Vinyl Floors

Rolled Vinyl Floors

Sheet Vinyl Flooring & Rolled Vinyl Floors

If you are want the look of wood without the high installation and maintenance cost of real wood, Rolled Vinyl Flooring is your best solution.  It is an attractive, real wood appearance gym flooring..

Ideally suited for:

  • School gymnasiums
  • Aerobic studio’s
  • Yoga and Pilates rooms
  • Dance studio’s
  • Rehab fitness rooms
  • Multi-purpose rooms

Features and Benefits:

  • Anti-bacterial agent eliminates and reduces bacteria
  • Polyurethane coating resists dirt build up
  • Excellent resilience and ball response making it a safer flooring option for any age group, sport or activity
  • Great coefficient of friction providing optimal slip resistance
  • Consistent ball rebound that out performs comparable floors
  • Reinforced woven glass fiber inner layer sustains its structure under rolling loads and maintains a resistance to static load
  • Multi-layered construction provides excellent sound absorption – especially compared to traditional hardwood floors
  • 10-year manufacturers’ warranty

Rolled Vinyl Flooring is comprised of four layers engineered to maximize your sports flooring’s athletic potential: The durable polyurethane surface layer provides excellent resistance to dirt build-up and contains a bacteriostat agent to suppress the buildup of bacteria – a healthy added bonus for any athletic area. The vinyl wear layer offers superior durability to that of other products. A reinforced woven glass fiber inner layer provides excellent dimensional stability. Finally, the closed cell foam backing offers excellent shock-resistance, superior stability, and good energy return for prolonged activities.

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