Treadmill Mounts

Treadmill Mounts

Reduce Treadmill Noise & Increase Runner Comfort

Treadmill mount

The noise and impact from treadmills can travel to other parts of the building where it is heard as unwanted noise. Exercise mats are either too thin or too stiff to achieve any significant sound and impact reduction.

Our Treadmill Isolation Mounts are 1-1/2” thick layered isolation pads made from superior shock damping materials. By combining ultra high performance elastomers with bearing plates, outstanding isolation values are achieved for the most problematic equipment.

  • High isolation efficiencies
  • Greater runner comfort
  • Reduces or eliminates noise transfer to other areas in the building

Trademill Isolation Mounts

Product Data

Standard Thickness

  • 1-1/2”

Standard Sizes

  • 5” x 18” - Front Mounts
  • 5” x 7” - Rear Mounts

Load Allowance

  • Front mount has retaining edge.
  • Front not to exceed 450 lbs. ea.

The Treadmill Isolation Mounts are sold by the set - 2 pads for the front and 2 rear pads. Both top and bottom surfaces on the mounts are slip resistant.

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