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Total Sport Solutions is your one-stop destination for residential specialty flooring. Our team of professionals has the expertise and know-how to make sure you choose the best products and solutions for your space. For a closer look at our specialty flooring, visit our products page or call one of our experts at 1 (866) 718-9178.

Dryland Hockey Floor, Oakville, ON

Dryland Hockey Floor

Need to practice your stickhandling and shooting but don’t have time to go to the rink? Dryland Hockey Flooring lets you practice from the comfort of your own home! This flooring is made up of interlocking tiles that connect underneath to create one seamless slick finish. The end result? A non-skating surface that has a similar glide to real ice. These top-grade tiles are highly durable and suited for the high impact of hockey sticks and regulation pucks. Have fun practicing stickhandling, shooting and passing without even having to leave the house.

Wet Area Flooring

Damp spaces are known to breed bacteria, but wet area flooring stops germs in their tracks. Our wet area flooring for pools, showers, steam rooms, laundry rooms, docks and even kennels will keep your spaces free-draining and slip-resistant. Our brand of choice is DuraGrid®. It cleans easily and is specially manufactured to prevent mould, mildew and unseemly odours. And, it’s comfortable! Its cushioned surface is perfect for family use.

Flooring solutions for wet areas, indoor and outdoor

At Total Sport Solutions, our expert team goes beyond the build to find the solution that’s right for you. From consultation and design, to build, and  final installation, we prepare the game plan to turn your big dreams into reality.

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