SnapSports Indoor 50-50

SnapSports 50-50™, Indoor Surface

SnapSports Indoor 50-50, Single tile - Shown in Orange

Top-Rated Performance And Unrivaled Size All In Our 50-50 Modular Athletic Surface

The largest modular sport floor on the planet!

Low annual maintenance and packed with features like our patented ShockLock? Impossible. No, not really. Our 50-50 modular athletic surface is the largest solid tile in the world and doesn't sacrifice in any category, offering 70 percent less seams when compared to other court options, resulting in exceptional ball play. Additionally, our ShockLock and top-rated vertical and lateral shock absorption create a safe play environment; you can even add our exclusive ShockTower shock absorbers for reinforced safety. These features allow our modular sports flooring to conform to international play standard and make it a go-to option for multiple types of sports and activities.

Key Benefits Of 50-50

SnapSports Indoor Classic XL Surface - Diagram
  1. Suspended sports surface
  2. 2 mm Cushion/acoustic mat
  3. Concrete/subsurface
  • Industry's largest modular sports surface
  • 70% less seams for superior ball play and safety
  • 32 individual contact points
  • Patented ShockLock® – absorbs lateral impact
  • Top Rated High performance athletic surface
  • Not affected by moisture or humidity
  • SnapSportability® – Fastest deployment of any modular sport surface
  • Conforms to international play standards
  • Top Rated vertical and lateral shock absorption
  • Versatile for multiple types of sports and activities
  • Low annual maintenance
  • Custom logos and graphics available
  • No adhesives or anchoring required
  • Portable or permanent
  • 20 colours available
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 16 Year warranty


Over 20 colours available

SnapSports Colour Options

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