SnapSports Outdoor DuraCourt

SnapSports Outdoor DuraCourt® Surface

SnapSports DuraCourt, Single tile - Shown in Purple

Durability Meets Performance In This All-Weather Outdoor Sports Surface

An all-weather athletic surface, designed for consistency and ultimate performance for various outdoor sports

From custom backyard courts to large tennis facilities, Outdoor Revolution is up for the game. Utilizing a rigid spine and patented ShockLock® locking system, Revolution is a dynamic multi-sport performer.

When you’re looking for an athletic surface that won’t buckle under mother nature’s intense weather conditions, we want SnapSports Duracourt to be the first option that comes to mind. This athletic surface provides first-rate all-weather traction, and the open top design allows for immediate drainage in wet weather. The Duracourt outdoor sports surface is also UV stable, so you won’t have to worry about fading colors and damage to the court’s aesthetics. When it comes to performance, our vertical and lateral shock absorption results in quick and safe play, allowing you to put 100 percent into every session.

Key Benefits Of Outdoor DuraCourt®

SnapSports Outdoor DuraCourt Surface - Diagram
  1. Suspended sports surface
  2. Self draining design
  3. Concrete/subsurface
  • Excellent all-weather traction
  • Competitively priced high performance athletic surface
  • Open top design allows for immediate drainage during wet weather
  • Versatile for multiple types of sports and activities
  • Covers cracks, stains, and puddles
  • Retrofit your court in just 24 – 48 hours
  • Low annual maintenance
  • Vertical and lateral shock absorption for player safety
  • Custom logos and graphics available
  • No adhesives or anchoring required
  • UV stable
  • Portable or permanent
  • Over 15 colors available
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 16 Year warranty


Over 20 colours available

SnapSports Colour Options

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