One thing that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us is that when it is time to pivot, we can. Think about how many Canadians started working from home. We have learned to use curbside service for eating out and ordering online has become the primary way of making purchases, groceries included. Families have the opportunity to bond with dinner around the table and a game of hoops in the driveway. Dedicated athletes have changed their regular training in the gym for home options. The same holds for your budding Olympic contender.

A basketball shooting machine assisting a kid at his own backyard

Allow your basketball player to hone in their free throw skills with a Dr. Dish shooting machine. Total Sport Solutions understands the needs of athletes to master skills continually. We help families turn their ho-hum backyards into comfortable training facilities the whole family can enjoy.

Take Basketball Training to a Whole New Level

What do you get when you blend technology with traditional practice? You get a basketball shooting machine that increases your athlete's capabilities by up to 5x more than without it. Here is how:

  • It starts with building muscle memory. Our muscles do not automatically do what we want unless we train them to achieve that. The Dr. Dish machine helps your player take quality shots in quick succession, which in turn teaches them to use the correct form. Soon, it will be natural because their muscles have been trained.
  • Your player's shot arc will improve. As your athlete learns to use the correct form, their shot arc will improve. They will hit the basket more and more with each workout.
  • Chasing rebounds is a thing of the past. When it is time to practice shots, no one wants to keep chasing basketballs when they could be practicing form. This system automates rebounding and passing. The focus is then on building form through purposeful repetition.
  • Set up and storage is a breeze. No one wants to practice if they have to put up a bulky, heavy machine. The Dr. Dish line of shooting machines is compact and lightweight. They only take a few minutes to set up and take down.
  • The technology allows your athletes to build custom drills. There is no learning in a vacuum; that's why some models will hold stats and have over 250 workouts and drills to choose from.

Give Your Athletes the Best Training Opportunities at Home

Help your kids train like the best with a Dr. Dish Shooting Machine. Not only can they build an excellent form to hit the basket every time, but they also will benefit from the discipline that practice brings. Total Sport Solutions carries a variety of styles to fit your athlete's needs. We can also build out a complete outdoor court, so you can watch them blossom and become all they can be.

Total Sport Solutions is your source for Dr. Dish shooting machines and other backyard sports equipment in Canada. Call us today at 1-866-718-9178 and request a free quote for your home sports camp equipment.