Set an example of good sportsmanship and life habits

As parents, we understand that the fundamentals of life start at home. We spend time caring for and encouraging our babies to crawl, our toddlers to dress themselves, and our teenagers to reach for the stars. We know what to do when they react with frustration because they don’t accomplish putting on their shoes. We gently come alongside them and encourage them to try again. We do that same thing when we watch their sports games, too – don’t we? Not necessarily! Sometimes, we act much like a toddler and less like an adult when we sit along the sidelines and scream out as our kids play their match.

Set an example of good sportsmanship and life habits from the sidelines during the game. For those times off the court or field, encourage physical discipline with home equipment from the team at Total Sports Solutions. Enjoy a full array of outdoor courts, backyard rinks, and multi-purpose flooring that reinforces what they will need on the field.

What You Should Do as a Spectator to Teach Your Kids Good Habits

It can be hard not to yell out at the referee when you believe they made a bad call. You may think your son’s soccer coach lacks the expertise to work with kids. Remember, your children watch everything you do. They learn from your actions, so instead of reinforcing bad habits, try these steps to show them better practices; and you can do it from the sidelines:

  • Teach your kids to respect authority. Yes, your daughter’s volleyball coach may not be skilled enough to spike a ball over the net each time. However, they are volunteering their time to teach your child. Instead of complaining and yelling at them during a match, show your kids instead how to respect authority. Be respectful and teach your child to respect all coaches of differing abilities.
  • Show them how to be positive and encourage others to succeed. It’s easy to get caught up in the game and try to yell commands to shoot or spike. Athletes have a coach already. They need you to cheer for good plays. It is much more encouraging to continue playing their best when they hear fans roaring in excitement.
  • Stay quiet when you don’t have anything nice to say. Our mothers taught us this, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.” It is an excellent motto to remember when you are a parent of a young athlete. For those times when you’re frustrated at how the game is going wrong, remain silent.

Prepare Your Children for Life On and Off the Playing Field

Ensure your kids are prepared for life by teaching them how to be good sports on and off the field. Encouraging consistent practice hones their skills while watching you reinforce the soft skills they will need in their adult years. Look to Total Sports Solutions for all your sporting needs. We love supporting families, schools, gyms, sports arenas, community centres with high-quality equipment such as sports mats, fitness tiles, and outdoor courts. Give us a call today and let us help you in molding your young athlete for their future!

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