Commercial Courts

Commercial Courts

SnapSports multi-patented Bounceback , ShockTowe basketball courts chosen for the 2014 nation Tour presented by Sprint

Play on top of the line basketball courts and multigame flooring with custom basketball hoop to give your organization a professional appearance at an affordable price. These gym court floors, athletic flooring and the other sports floors are colorful and low maintenance. Eliminate any need for repainting your game court. This top of the line outdoor sport flooring will not warp, peel, chip or fade.

These courts are perfect for commercial or residential use.If you're looking to build an outdoor basketball court in Canada but don't know where to start then give Total Sports Solutions a call at 1 (866) 718-9178. We can help you from start to finish, no project is too small or too big.

Engineered with safety and performance in mind, the patented technology is the reason we're the top choice of athletes, coaches and facility managers world-wide. Our outdoor basketball surfaces are durable and deliver unmatched all weather traction, performance and safety all year long. We offer the top rated performance and safe play outdoor basketball sport surfaces available.

Surface Options


Our most popular basketball surface with our Full-Suspension System for maximum vertical cushion.

Key Benefits

Full-Suspension System

Bounceback's Full Suspension System

Understructure performs as a high impact shock absorber that reduces fatigue and injury to athletes. Each square foot weighs in at over one pound, stands ¾" tall and contains nearly 1200 shock absorbing support towers.


Bounceback Shocklock System

The ShockLock system lets individual modules slide, but keeps the entire sport surface fully interlocked. This built-in "give" eases player joint impact and creates a safer athletic surface.

Triple Traction Tread®

Bounceback Triple Action Tread

Triple Traction Tread®Three levels of traction provide great grip for your game.


Our most advanced surface option provides unsurpassed ball performance and optimum cushioning.

Key Benefits

Shocktower Design

All the benefits of BounceBack, plus the added shock absorbing power of 16 ShockTowers per square foot.

A patented resilient shock technology designed with performance and safety in mind. The 2mm shock deflection offers excellent impact control and ball response while providing excellent rolling load support. (US Patent • International Patents)


Our most seamless outdoor surface for consistency and optimum puck response.

Outdoor Duracourt®

Outdoor Sports Flooring - Duracourt

A seamless, all-weather surface, designed for consistency and ultimate performance for various outdoor sports

Key Benefits

  • Seamless design for consistent play
  • Excellent all-weather traction
  • Versatile for multiple sports and activities
  • Competitively priced

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