Install your backyard rink with help from the professionals at Total Sport Solutions.

It is getting closer to that time of year where Canadians across the country lace up their skates and head outside to the ice. Nothing beats stepping on the frozen water and listening to the sound of your blades scuffing the frozen surface. That is, unless you can do it in your backyard.

Install your backyard rink with help from the professionals at Total Sport Solutions. We strive to ensure that everything is built safely and quickly. We also have many accessories ready for you, including brackets, boards, resurfacers, liners, and rink packages. Ready to get on the ice in as little as two hours? We can make it happen.

4 Essential Accessories to Support Your Backyard Rink

It does not matter if this is the first rink you ever put up or if you have installed one for decades; there are certain accessories you need, including:

  1. NiceRink Brackets: Use this all-in-one device to make the perimeter of your outdoor, temporary rink. These brackets eliminate the need to build an arena as they hold boards in place and cut your installation time almost in half.
  2. NiceRink Boards: These boards lock together from top to bottom and create the round corners you seek. Use with the brackets to fully lock the board down, giving you a safe backyard rink.
  3. NiceRink Resurfacers: A must for any ice rink, this resurfacer systematically and evenly distributes water over your existing ice. The mat makes the surface as smooth as glass.
  4. NiceRink Liners: No rink is complete without a made-to-order liner to hold in all that ice. It is puncture resistant and strong.

Plan Your Free Consultation for the Perfect Backyard Ice Rink

Have the family break out the skates for wintertime fun with your fully accessorized backyard rink. The professionals at Total Sport Solutions, Inc. offer the best in backyard rinks and accessories. We also provide a free consultation to ensure you have the perfect backyard icy haven. We have packages to make it even easier to get on the ice. Visit our website to check out our other products like indoor sport flooring, outdoor courts, and garage flooring. Enjoy many years of indoor and outdoor activities year-round for the whole family!

Total Sports Solutions is your source for backyard rinks in Canada. Call us today at 1-866-718-9178 and receive a free quote for your backyard rink installation project.