Women practicing yoga at a yoga studio

A yoga studio should be a peaceful place for you and your students to slow down, breathe deeply, and practice your meditative poses. A sense of peace and calm starts with your surroundings. Hardwood is a popular choice of studio owners and yogis for its timeless elegance, the effect on indoor air quality, durability, and barefoot-friendly surface. However, hardwood is not the only choice or even the best choice for your needs. Other flooring options may be better for your situation.

One's budget is always a consideration when selecting any flooring. A commercial yoga studio may have different requirements than a home studio.  A yoga specific space will have different requirements from a multi-use space.  Do you want a permanent floor, or do you prefer a floor that can be removed easily and perhaps even moved to a different location if needed? Total Sport Solutions has a fantastic line-up of flooring choices for your yoga studio.

Different Types of Flooring for Your Yoga Studio

Make the right choice for your studio. Check out these options:

  • Rubber: High traction, durable recycled rubber tile, is a good choice. It is sound-absorbing, impact-absorbing, long-lasting, and certified for indoor air quality. For a natural look, recycled rubber infused with cork is the way to go. Our Nature's Collection has the added appeal of insulation properties, highly durable, sound reducing, and stain-resistant.
  • Multilayer, Dense Foam Mats: An inexpensive alternative initially designed for martial arts, our Yoga-Pilates flooring is easy to install and clean, and waterproof. It has a 1-inch thickness, which is a good option that provides some cushioning and support for users. They can be used with or without a traditional yoga mat and are a used by some professional yoga facilities.
  • Hardwood: The warmth of hardwood flooring is very inviting. Look for a prefinished hardwood to eliminate the mess and smell associated with other hardwood options. Plus, having a factory finished floor assures a higher quality finish.  Our Junkers™ hardwood flooring go through a proprietary press-dried and lacquer finish, the floor is more durable and will last longer between sandings, resulting in lower maintenance costs.
  • Rolled Vinyl: Available with a realistic wood finish or in solid colours, rolled vinyl floors are very comfortable for floor work such as yoga and Pilates.  It is a permanent, glued down floor that is easy to clean and will resist dirt build-up with its polyurethane coating.  The multi-layered construction is slip resistant and provides excellent sound absorption.
  • SnapSports Tiles:  Great for clients who may want to move locations sown the road and not lose their investment in the floor.  SnapSports tiles are modular and can be removed and reinstalled.  Available in a number of finishes, including the look of wood and 18 standard colours, SnapSports floors work very well for yoga and Pilates.  This will be your most economical floor. 
  • Pad and Pour: This is a more expensive option for small areas but an excellent choice for larger rooms and when you want a low maintenance floor that will last a lifetime. Pad and Pour Floors  has a renewable wear surface that is ultra-tough and quickly restored.

Enjoy Flooring that Makes Yoga Even More Relaxing   

Allow your students to engage fully with each pose while practicing on beautiful flooring. At Total Sport Solutions, we help all sizes of yoga studios from the professional studio to the home studio find the perfect type of floor. We also support churches, schools, and athletic facilities with sports mats, fitness tiles, and outdoor courts.

Total Sport Solutions is your source for home and professional studio flooring in Canada. Call us today at 1-866-718-9178 and request a free quote.