NiceRink Backyard Rink Packages

NiceRink Backyard Rink Packages

YOUR yard, YOUR size, YOUR rink

We offer 4 different rink packages, see below for details.  Each rink is custom ordered based on the size of rink you require.  Call and speak with one of our Backyard Rink Specialists and we will be happy to discuss and price out the different packages for you.  Please allow approximately 4 weeks for delivery

It is very important that the brackets be installed into the ground well before the ground freezes.








NiceRink® Liner, sized for your rink. Yes Yes Yes Yes
NiceIce® Resurfacer, sized for your rink. Yes Yes Yes No
BumperCaps Yes Yes No No
KickPlates (Premium 15" "L") Yes Yes No No
NiceRink® Brackets every 4' Yes Yes No Yes
NiceRink® Thermoformed Plastic Side Boards Yes No No Yes
NiceRink® Hockey Pucks 5 1 1 5
NiceRink® 12" Patch Pad Yes Yes Yes Yes
3.7 oz Underwater Adhesive Yes No No Yes

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