Dry Land Hockey Flooring

Hockey XL

Dry Land Hockey Flooring



  • Complete installation of flooring system including interlocking suspended flooring modular tile.
  • Related work specified under other sections. -Thresholds and cove base transitions -Game lines and equipment


  • Manufacturer of synthetic flooring shall be an organization specializing in the manufacturing of the products specified in this section.
  • Manufacturer shall be ISO 9001:2015 Certified to assure proper quality control.
  • Products specified in this section shall be installed and/or supervised by an authorized factory trained representative.
  • Installer shall be liable for all matters related to the installation of the products described herein for a period of not less than one year from the date of installation.


  • Specification sheets for products proposed for submission.
  • Submit a sample of specified flooring system.
  • Maintenance program and specifications shall be submitted upon completion of installation.


  • General contractor shall provide a clean and dry area where
    the materials can be stored until time of installation.
  • Material shall not be delivered on site until all related work is
    completed and proper storage facilities can be secured.


  • Synthetic materials shall not be installed until all other trades are completely finished in the synthetic flooring areas.
  • Permanent heat light and ventilation shall be installed prior to the installation of the synthetic flooring materials.


  • SnapSportsOwarrants that the materials supplied shall be free from manufacturing defects as outlined in the limited warranty.
  • This warranty is expressly limited to the synthetic flooring materials supplied by SnapS ports. This warranty does not cover damage caused by fire, winds, floods, moisture, chemicals (other than those used for maintenance specified by manufacturer) nor does it apply to damage caused by ordinary wear, misuse, abuse, neglect faulty building construction, faulty subsurface or site preparation, or unprofessional installation.



  • SnapSports Hockey XL~ frictionless suspended modular
    • Solid top design shall be 18" x 18" x%~ (457.2 mm x 457.2 mm x 12.7 mm). high impact. proprietary formu lated. polypropylene suspended floor tile with 114 individual impact lones. Weight: 33 oz. (936 g)
  • Game Line Striping
    • Primer shall be of proprietary formulation and supplied by SnapSports, Inc. Salt Lake City, Utah. U.S.A.
    • Paint shall be a two-component polyurethane as recommended by
      SnapSports. Inc.


  • Flame Spread Index (NFPA 253-06): 0.13 Wlcm'
  • Friction (ASTM C 1028): Dry -0.55, Wet-0.45
  • Compression vs. Crush (ASTM 0 3998): No Break
  • Noise Reduction Coefficient (ASTM C 423): 5 -10%
  • Rolling Load (DIN 18032-02): Pass
  • Standard Deformation (DIN 18032-02): 0.9 mm
  • Load Bearing Capacity (DIN 18032-02): >250 psi
  • R-Value: x<1.0
  • Flatness: O.Omm
  • Lateral Movement: 0.00"-0.025"



  • Prep concrete to accommodate the synthetic flooring underlayment and flooring products.
  • Install synthetic flooring products to a pre-approved layout.
  • Trim modular tiles to within 3/ .."to any wall or obstruction to
    prevent any potential buckling issues.
  • Game Line application
    • Use only 3M 401+ tape for masking game lines or any other tape that is
      approved by flooring supplier.
    • Lines shall be painted using SnapSports recommended two part
      polyurethane paint as indicated on layout drawings.
  • Wall cove base (optional) should be adhered to wall with a manufacturer's suggested adhesive.
  • Remove all excess waste and materials from area of work.
    Dispose of empty containers in accordance with federal and
    local statutes.
  • Keep all trades off of flooring area for a period of 72 hours to
    allow for proper paint cure.

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