NiceRink™ Under Ice LED Lights - Blue (3 feet sections)

NiceRink™ Under Ice LED Lights - Blue (3 feet sections)

$3.10 per linear foot

Get these awesome high quality COMMERCIAL GRADE LED Rope Lights and place them on the ground before your liner is laid out and filled. Lay out your liner, fill and freeze and then HIT THE POWER SWITCH for the best rink enhancement you'll ever skate on.

NiceRink will create custom lengths in 3'(36") increments to FIT YOUR RINK. Order the next 3' increment larger than your rink width. IE; If you have a 32' wide rink, order a 33' NiceLight. If you have a 44' wide rink, order a 45' NiceLight.

Sizes available

Sizes available in multiples of 3 feet. i.e. 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27,30,33,36,39,42,45,48,51,54 and so on.

Maximum Length:

150 Feet

***ORDER EACH LENGTH NEEDED SEPARATELY*** IE; If you need two lengths 30', order two 30' pieces. If you order ONE 60', you'll get one 60' piece with one plug. 


  • Blue

Technical Details

  • Input Voltage-120V, 60Hz AC
  • Wattage-.47W/ft
  • Dimming-5-100% with ELV/LED dimmers*
  • Material-Clear PVC with UV inhibitor
  • Rating-UL or CSA Listed for wet locations**
  • Dimensions-1/2"Dia. x 1" LED spacing
  • LED type-3mm LEDs, vertical mount
  • Rated life-60,000 hrs
  • *Per the NEC, switched wall outlets cannot be used with wall dimmers
  • **CSA/UL Listing is void if product is cut
  • Weight: .15 Lbs per 1'

*This product carries a one season warranty. If a product is found defective before May 1st following the year purchased, NiceRink will repair or replace at their discretion.

Note: all lights are custom ordered and not available for immediate pick up.

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