RaceDeck XL

RaceDeck XL
High end garage using RaceDeck RaceDeck XL

The Big Brother To the Original RaceDeck Diamond

RaceDeck XL® is 50% bigger than the standard Diamond Tile resulting in fewer seams and a new look to your garage, it is also fully compatible with the standard Diamond Tile.  Meaning you can mix and match the XL with the standard to create your unique layout for the ultimate

RaceDeck XL™ is the BIG brother to the original and best-selling garage flooring system on the planet!  RaceDeck Diamond™

If you have a large shop or garage and need to cover a lot of area, or just want fewer seams, RaceDeck XL® is for you. RaceDeck XL® is the industry’s largest diamond-plate-tread modular garage flooring module. Even though it’s 50% larger than the standard RaceDeck module, RaceDeck XL® is compatible with all RaceDeck® garage flooring styles, giving you virtually limitless custom design options.

The Key Benefits of RaceDeck XL®:

  • The Largest Modular Garage Floor Tile in the Industry – Fewer seams
  • High-End Style – Provides polished and professional look with a showroom finish without paint or decals
  • Modular Design – Engineered to create a custom garage floor at virtually any size
  • Easy-to-Clean Surface – Resistant to petroleum products and most chemicals
  • Patented PowerLock® Technology – Flooring modules lock in place and stay engaged  
  • High Performance Patented Diamond Substructure – Supports rolling loads of over 80,000 pounds while allowing air and moisture to escape  
  • Compatible With All RaceDeck® Garage Flooring – Mix and match styles for a truly original, custom garage floor
  • Made in the USA – Flooring garages worldwide
  • Easy Installation – Update your garage floor in hours, not days

Available Colours:

available colours RaceDeck RaceDeck XL

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